Proton Increased Prices of Its Cars by Upto Rs.650,000

Proton Increased Prices of Its Cars by Upto Rs.650,000

As we predicted the possible price hike of Proton cars in this blog “Proton Suspended Bookings of Its Vehicles”, the company has done it now. Any guesses for the new prices? Well, the Proton cars price in Pakistan have increased by upto Rs.650,000. The company has mentioned increasing dollar rate, fuel prices, shipping, and raw materials’ cost as the reason behind this price hike. 

Prices of all variants of Proton Saga (sedan) and Proton X70 (SUV) are increased. Let us see the new prices here.

Proton Cars Price in Pakistan 

Let us see the latest prices of Proton cars in Pakistan. 

Proton Saga price in Pakistan

VariantOld prices (Rs.)New prices (Rs.)Price difference (Rs.)
Proton Saga M/T Price in Pakistan2,349,0002,579,000230,000
Proton Saga A/T Price in Pakistan2,499,0002,729,000230,000
Proton Saga Ace A/T Price in Pakistan2,619,0002,849,000230,000

Proton x70 price in Pakistan

ModelOld prices (Rs.)New prices (Rs.)Price difference (Rs.)
Proton X70 AWD Price in Pakistan5,400,0006,050,000650,000
Proton X70 FWD Price in Pakistan5,750,0006,400,000650,000

*It is important to note that these prices are effective from 22-June-2022.

Proton’s sales are not doing well in the country. This price hike might not be appreciated by the consumers. Both cars are being produced locally. And the supply issue is about to be over. It means the sales might increase even after the price hike.

Ultimately, the consumer suffers the most. This time, we cannot say that the company has increased the car prices unjustifiably. It is because some car manufacturers have increased prices 3 times this year whereas Proton has done it 2 times including this one. 

Would you buy used Proton cars after this price hike or still get the new ones? Tell us in the comment section below. 

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