Get Ready Multan, the much awaited Pak Suzuki Certified Used Car Gala is Back!

Get Ready Multan, the much awaited Pak Suzuki Certified Used Car Gala is Back!

Are you someone who is worried about the recent fuel and vehicle price hike? Are you looking for good quality, low-budget and fuel-efficient cars? Keep your worries aside, as Pak Suzuki after successful in-person and digital events in major cities of Pakistan, is back with an eagerly awaited in-person Certified Used Car Gala in the city of saints, Multan.

Buying a reliable used car through conventional channels is a hectic task these days. You have to search the cars on multiple channels, visit different places, check the overall quality of the body and engine, and above all, the document verification is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Pak Suzuki is the pioneer of this concept in providing all the solutions under one roof for 11 years where customers can buy reliable used cars with warranty as per their need and budget. So far, it has successfully organized more than 60 Used Car Galas in major cities of Pakistan, where customers have always appreciated the quality and trustworthiness.

The used car gala will be a day-long event with over 100 certified used cars at the display. You can visit and buy your certified car with 100% transparency and secure payment methods without any hassle of document verification, vehicle body quality, or mechanical condition. Along with these features, there are other many catchy benefits you can get as a customer, listed as follows:

Certified by Suzuki Engineers: 

As per the company, all vehicles are inspected by the engineers of Pak Suzuki which means the cars are checked by trained and professional hands, making them a reliable wheel. The engineers inspect the vehicle completely including the engine, drivetrain, paint quality, vehicle frame, documents, and all other systems of the vehicle. A panel inspection sheet will also be provided to check panel paint before making a purchase.

So, you can buy the car with utmost confidence.

Inspection Checkpoints: 

Moreover, Suzuki would inspect the cars at 130 checkpoints. As mentioned earlier, the body frame, engine/transmission, brakes, interior, electric and electronics, and tires would be checked. 

Transparent Deal: 

The most crucial part of buying a used car deal is the hassle-free transaction from the buyer and fetching documents from the seller. People have a lot of reservations on this because it requires total transparency and the process is not that seamless either. However, in this case Pak Suzuki Authorized Dealerships would be involved and provide you proper channels and trustable means to ensure a transparent deal. Moreover, Pak Suzuki itself will monitor the whole procedure. This means you can mature a deal without any issue and more importantly, very smoothly. 

Used Car Financing:

Pak Suzuki has taken an initiative to partner with banks for their customer, especially for this used car gala where customers can finance their used car on a special financing and takaful rates. 

Services and Warranty: 

Usually, when you buy a used car you don’t get any offer for service or warranty. But in this car gala, you will not only get 3 free services on the purchase, but Suzuki is offering a warranty of up to 1 year. Isn’t it great that you are getting the offers and peace of a new car, for a used vehicle? 

As per the company, the warranty covers the engine, transmission, and suspension, which are the most vital parts of the car, especially the engine because it ensures your comfort, good fuel average, and hassle-free travel.

People of Multan, mark your calendars for 26th June 2022 and change the way you drive with Suzuki Certified Used Car.

  • Gala Timings:     12:00 pm to 10:00 pm
  • Gala Venue:       Royal Marquee
  • Gala Address:    Near KFC, High Court Chowk, Multan

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