DHA Lahore File Rates Last Updated on 7th April 2022

DHA Lahore File Rates Last Updated on 7th April 2022

You can never go wrong with property in Pakistan. However, investing in property is tricky especially when there are many options to choose from. Investors’ main concern is the safety of their investment. Perhaps for this reason, the Defense Housing Authorities (DHAs) all over the country are the most sought after by investors. If you plan to invest your hard-earned money in DHA Lahore, this blog will help you know the available files and their rates. 

Here are the file rates details in every phase of DHA Lahore as of 7th April, 2022. 

Difference Between Allocation and Affidavit Plot Files

DHA file rates vary according to the nature of the plot. Allocation file rates are usually cheaper than the Affidavit file rates. This difference might bother you as you go down the blog for more details. So let’s clear the air.

Allocation files are registered in the name of the bearer. This means whenever someone buys the plot, the area shall be transferred to that person’s name in the books. 

Contrary, Affidavit files are open files that are not registered under anyone’s name. The person possessing the documents is deemed to be the plot owner. 

Note: The file rates mentioned below are for unballoted plots. The rates mentioned below are as of 7th April and may subject to change according to the market conditions.

Lahore DHA Phase 7 File Rates

AreaFile Rates (Rs)
5 Marla Allocation6,525,000
7  Marla Allocation8,000,000
10  Marla Allocation13,000,000
1 Kanal Allocation20,000,000 

Lahore DHA Phase 8 IVY Green Z Block File Rates

AreaFile Rates (Rs)
5 Marla Allocation5,900,000
10  Marla Affidavit10,500,000
1 Kanal Affidavit16,000,000 

Lahore DHA Phase 9 Town File Rates

AreaFile Rates (Rs)
5 Marla Affidavit8,550,000
5 Marla Allocation8,475,000

Lahore DHA Phase 9 Prism File Rates

AreaFile Rates (Rs)
5 Marla Allocation6,500,000
10 Marla Allocation12,000,000
1 Kanal Affidavit18,500,000

Lahore DHA Phase 10 File Rates

AreaFile Rates (Rs)
5 Marla Allocation5,550,000
10 Marla Affidavit7,850,000
10 Marla Allocation7,600,000

Lahore DHA Phase 13 (Ex DHA City) File Rates

AreaFile Rates (Rs)
5 Marla 3,530,000
10 Marla 5,615,000
1 Kanal 9,750,000

This is the first blog of its series. We will continue to update this space every week. Let us know what more you would like to know about property. Also, which DHA phase do you think is the most profitable to invest in both in the long and short terms?

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