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Yamaha also increased bike prices after Honda

Yamaha also increased bike prices after Honda

Competition pushes auto manufacturers to increase the quality of products. However, the only thing auto manufacturers in Pakistan seem to compete in is jacking up their vehicle prices. Yesterday, Honda increased the prices of its bikes, which was followed by Yamaha only a few hours later. 

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Here are the new bike prices by Yamaha in Pakistan, 

ModelOld prices (Rs.)New prices (Rs.)Price difference (Rs.)
YBR125-G Limited235,000245,00010,000

The facelift model of YBR125-G now costs Rs. 2.45 lacs which is a lot for a bike with basic features like self-start, fuel gauge, gear information and a cool design. 

What do we think of this price hike?

Automobile manufacturers in Pakistan are demanding such exorbitant prices for basic vehicles without any added safety or convenience features. Yamaha may be better than its competitors like  Honda and Suzuki in terms of features, but asking over Rs. 2 lacs for a bike doesn’t make sense, knowing their market segment.  

The government recently took the initiative to question automobile manufacturers about the latest price increases, which is great. However, such theatrics have been seen by people before; nothing concrete comes out of them. Is the government actually serious this time? Let us know in the comments. 

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  1. As I mentioned earlier on honda price increase post that government should allow importing bike from India rather than from china which produced low quality bikes.

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