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Honda City, Civic, and BR-V prices increased

Honda City, Civic, and BR-V prices increased

As expected, Honda has also increased its car prices up to PKR 126,000. Not too long ago, there was a car price hike by Suzuki and Toyota. It is pretty bad news for all people who were about to buy a new car. 

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Many of you will be wondering about the reason why these companies have increased car prices all of a sudden. Well, it is mainly due to the mini-budget having new Federal Excise Duty (FED) and sales tax rates.

Find how much the Honda car prices increase in the following table.

Honda City

VariantsOld Price (PKR)New Price (PKR)Difference (PKR)
City 1.2L MT2,729,0002,729,000No Change
City 1.2L CVT2,949,0002,949,000No Change
City 1.5L CVT3,069,0003,146,00077,000
1.5 L Aspire MT3,199,0003,279,00080,000
1.5 L Aspire CVT3,369,0003,454,00085,000

Honda Civic

VariantsOld Price (PKR)New Price (PKR)Difference (PKR)
Civic 1.8 iVTEC3,979,0004,079,000100,000
Civic 1.8 iVTEC Oriel4,259,0004,366,000107,000
Civic 1.5 RS Turbo5,049,0005,175,000126,000

Honda BRV

VariantsOld Price (PKR)New Price (PKR)Difference (PKR)
BR-V 1.5 CVT S 3,599,0003,689,00090,000

Current trends

No one can deny that this car price increase was inevitable after the mini-budget. Suzuki became the first company to increase car prices this year. See new Suzuki car prices here. After that, Toyota also increased the prices of its vehicles. Find the Toyota car prices increase here. Currently, it is a car price hike by Honda. However, many other companies might also increase car prices.

How much will it affect the consumer buying decisions? The purchasing power of the local consumer is constantly decreasing due to the inflation and currency devaluation. So, a price increase is going to hurt many. It means some customers might look to buy a used car rather than buying a pricier new one.

Would you buy a new car or go for a used one? Let us know in the comment section.

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2 responses to “Honda City, Civic, and BR-V prices increased”

  1. Prices increased but companies
    Not delivering the cars with in three
    Months and taking delivery time more
    Than six months after taking booking
    Money and even some cases full payment is given to them but no delivery
    Before six months.
    Which is totally unfair.
    So request the companies to deliver the
    Product in time should be deliver within three months.

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