Essential Gardening Tasks For The Winter

Essential Gardening Tasks For The Winter

As soon as winter arrives, people start thinking about taking a break from gardening. While some believe that the winter season may harm their plants, others are of the opinion that winters slowdown the speed of plant growth. 

Irrespective of people’s opinions, there should be no real reason to stop you from working in the garden during the winter season. We agree that it is quieter in the garden than usual, but there is still so much that you can do to prepare your garden for the next season – spring. 

Following are some essential winter gardening tips for you:

Clean Up The Diseased Plants

While many damaged plants add nutrients to the soil when they are left to rot in it, some do more harm than good. If you have noticed any signs of disease in your plants, winter is the best time to remove those plants.

However, make sure you leave some spent plants in the soil during the winter season as they will provide protection to the soil, reduce erosion and prepare your soil for spring.

Also ensure that you are wearing your gardening gloves when cleaning up the spent plants.

Clean The Pots

Now is the perfect time for you to clean out the plating trays and pots that you have. Make sure you clean up all the lingering dirt so that any new plants do not get contaminated. 

You can also use hot water to scrub all your trays and pots.


Go Through Your Inventory

Go through your inventory and check what you have got in stock. Check which seeds packets are present in your stock and whether they have hit their expiration date. 

Prepare Soil For Spring

Even though most people perform this activity during spring, it is a smart move to work on your soil before the actual gardening season begins. Add manure and compost to your soil. You can also choose to add organic fertilizers like phosphate, bone meal, kelp and rock. 

There are high chances that if you add nutrients to your soil during this season, it will have enough time to break down, enrich the soil and make it biologically active.

Grow Vegetables

While you are pruning the trees and plants, winters are also a great time to plant brassicas including lettuce, cauliflower, Chinese vegetables, etc. 


Mend and Replace

You can make use of this time by getting broken things mended or getting them replaced by some new things. This can include gardening tools, plant pots, broken timber, etc. 

If you are looking for gardening tools in Pakistan, have a look at the variety present at OLX Pakistan’s website. 


Winters are the best time to prune plants without worrying that you will upset the nesting birds. Some plants can be pruned to encourage their growth, while others can be pruned for a better structure. 

If you have flowering plants, resist the urge to cut them as they will become an excellent source of food for overwintering birds. 

Think About What Else You Can Do

Use this time wisely to think about what else you can do to make your garden look better. It could be anything – from deciding the theme of your garden to replacing the outdoor furniture to deciding what fruits/vegetables you intend on growing. 


Think about if you want to add shade to your garden and encourage birds to be a part of your outdoor space. You can also choose to install a bird bath in your garden. It is entirely up to you whatever you want to do and however you want to play around with your space. 

There are various garden and outdoor items available at OLX Pakistan’s website. Make sure to have a look because chances are that you may be able to find something according to your choice and that too at an affordable price. 

That is about it! Do let us know if you have any other questions.

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