9 Foods For Hair Growth

9 Foods For Hair Growth

As the common saying goes – You are what you eat. 

Strong and smooth hair is what every person dreams of and yet not everyone has them.  Contrary to what we see in TV commercials, you do not get smooth and silky hair simply by applying shampoo to them – you have to work for it. 

One of the most important steps in improving the quality and growth of your hair is working on your diet. Each hair strand is made of cells which contain a protein called keratin and these cells need vitamins and minerals to grow as well as stay nourished. 

Now, you must be thinking, what is the best food for hair growth? To answer this question, we have listed down a few foods that would help you improve your hair’s health. 


Eggs are your hair’s best friend and excellent biotin rich food for hair growth. 


Along with biotin, they are also a great source of protein – both of which are extremely essential for your hair. So, it is important that you consume adequate amounts of eggs. 


Spinach is an iron rich vegetable which is also loaded with nutrients like folate, vitamin A and C. These nutrients work together for a healthy scalp and help you deal with brittle hair. They keep your hair moisturized so that they don’t break.



Want fast hair growth? Drink carrot juice as it is rich in vitamin A. 


Our hair consists of the fastest growing cells in the human body and vitamin A is required for every cell’s growth. Vitamin A also facilitates the scalp in producing natural sebum which not only keeps the scalp healthy but also prevents hair fall. 

Fatty Fish

Any fatty fish like Mackerel, Salmon and Herring consist of nutrients, like omega-3, which promotes hair growth. Along with omega-3, fatty fish also has selenium, protein, vitamin D3, etc.



Deficiency of Zinc, B Vitamins, etc. is linked to hair loss. Nuts consist of Zinc, B vitamins and essential fatty acids. Nuts are not only tasty, but also extremely nutritious.  


Along with hair growth, nuts also have various other benefits including lower risk of heart diseases, reduced inflammation, etc. 

Whole Grains

Along with biotin, whole grains are also rich in Zinc, B Vitamins and Iron. Biotin is essential for cell proliferation and it also plays a role in producing amino acids which are required for your hair to grow. 



Guava is a tropical fruit that is loaded with vitamin C which makes it perfect for preventing hair loss. People who are facing hair fall should consume guava and observe the difference.


Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are loaded with a good antioxidant known as beta carotene. Your body turns beta carotene into vitamin A which prevents your hair from drying out. 



Avocados consist of vitamin E which not only improves the circulation of the blood but also helps the follicles to work more efficiently. This promotes hair growth and also balances the pH levels so that follicles do not get clogged. 


Since many fruits and vegetables play an essential role in promoting hair growth, it is important that you make them a part of your diet. If you are interested in buying fresh fruits and vegetables online, you can visit OLX Pakistan’s website.

We hope this guide on good foods for hair was helpful. Do let us know if there is any confusion.

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