Pak Suzuki Increased Prices of Its Vehicles for the 3rd Time in 2022

Pak Suzuki Increased Prices of Its Vehicles for the 3rd Time in 2022

2022 isn’t a welcoming year for the automobile consumers. After Honda and Toyota, Pak Suzuki car price increased for the 3rd time this year. We are facing the third wave of car price hike in Pakistan as three major companies have already increased their car prices 3rd time in just 4-5 months. Let us see how much the new Suzuki car price in Pakistan has increased.

Advance Tax Update:

Advance Taxes for filers and non-filers are increased after Budget 2022-23 Pakistan. Here are the increased tax to be paid by filers and non-filers.

ModelIncrease in Advance Tax (to be paid by the Filers) Rs.Increase in Advance Tax (to be paid by the non-Filers) Rs.
Wagon R5,00030,000

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Here are the updated Suzuki car price in Pakistan.

Suzuki Alto Price in Pakistan 

VariantsOld price (PKR)New price (PKR)Difference (PKR)
Alto VX1,425,0001,475,00050,000
Alto VXR1,675,0001,733,00058,000
Alto AGS1,886,0001,951,00065,000

Suzuki Wagon R Price in Pakistan 

VariantsOld price (PKR)New price (PKR)Difference (PKR)
Wagon R VXR2,019,0002,084,00065,000
Wagon R VXL2,129,0002,199,00070,000
Wagon R AGS2,319,0002,399,00080,000

Suzuki Cultus Price in Pakistan

VariantsOld price (PKR)New price (PKR)Difference (PKR)
Cultus VXR2,250,0002,330,00080,000
Cultus VXX2,474,0002,564,00090,000
Cultus AGS2,662,0002,762,000100,000

Suzuki Swift Price in Pakistan

VariantsOld price (PKR)New price (PKR)Difference (PKR)
Swift GL MT2,694,0002,774,00080,000
Swift GL CVT2,908,0002,998,00090,000
Swift GLX CVT3,169,0003,298,000129,000

Suzuki Bolan Price in Pakistan

VariantsOld price (PKR)New price (PKR)Difference (PKR)
Bolan Cargo1,270,0001,315,00045,000
Bolan Van1,283,0001,328,00045,000
Bolan AC1,370,0001,415,00045,000

Suzuki Ravi Price in Pakistan

VariantsOld price (PKR)New price (PKR)Difference (PKR)
Ravi w/o Deck1,117,0001,181,00064,000

These prices are effective from 9-May-2022. 


Impact of price hike on consumers

Suzuki car price increase is never welcomed pleasingly by the consumers as the company mainly sells budget cars for limited income consumers. However, the sales data tells the opposite story. Despite the constantly increasing prices of vehicles in Pakistan, their sales are still increasing. Let us see how long the local consumers will continue this practice or is it the point when they put an end to it. 

Will you still get a new car or buy a used Suzuki car? Tell us in the comment section. 

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5 responses to “Pak Suzuki Increased Prices of Its Vehicles for the 3rd Time in 2022”

  1. To control the local car assemblers in Pakistan only solution is to allow the import of reconditioned cars in Pakistan. I can guarantee that the government will get double amount of taxes compare to local assembled cars.

  2. This is absolutely rubbish . Suzuki Wagon R was 7.5 lakh rupees in 2009-2010 but now it is 4 times more. As Pakistanis have no other option so they will definitely buy this rubbish. Government should allow import of old cars again so that people can buy imported cars from 2010 time. This is the only solution as prices will never come down

  3. I won’t buy new car rather I would prefer to buy a used car.
    By the way, I don’t like small cars manufactured by Pakistan. They are so pathetic. Instead, I shall prefer to get a used Japanese car.

  4. My first car was mehran vxr oct 2018. And now I am planning to purchase alto vxr. But its prices are going away from my budget. That’s why now I will purchase Japanese used car or Prince Pearl.

  5. Suzuki’s products are used by poor people in Pakistan who belong to the middle class. Due to rising prices, this facility is also being taken away from the reach of the middle class, so the prices should be lower and not higher.

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