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Oshan X7 Plus: Changan’s first SUV in Pakistan launching soon

Oshan X7 Plus: Changan’s first SUV in Pakistan launching soon

Thanks to Alsvin and Karvaan, Changan is already a household name in Pakistan. Good news for Changan lovers, who were waiting for the company to launch its SUV. Oshan X7 Plus is a mid-size crossover SUV that is about to be launched as Changan sees vast opportunities in the SUV segment in Pakistan.  

Many think that the company is going to launch its previous version, Oshan X7. However, there is speculation about the company bringing its latest, redesigned, and better version for the Pakistani market. 


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Oshan X7 Plus is the bigger version of the X7. However, it beats the latter in appearance, space, and power. The front grille, head, and tail lamps of this SUV are redesigned. It was launched in the 2021’s Shanghai Autoshow. We can only hope that Changan will launch it with the same features here as well.

Variants of Oshan X7 Plus

There is an electric variant of the Oshan X7, which is not planned to be launched in Pakistan yet. When we talk about X7 Plus, it might be launched in two variants (manual and automatic) having the same specs and features. There is uncertainty when it comes to seating capacity as we might get a 5-seat or a 7-seat variant.

Engine and performance

The engine and performance of an SUV are the two important factors for most people. Oshan X7 Plus has a more powerful engine than its predecessor X7. Its 1.5L engine produces upto 188 horsepower and 300NM torque, as compared to the 178 horsepower and 265NM torque produced by X7. Its 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox has high efficiency. 

Fuel Economy

Many of you want to know the fuel efficiency of this SUV. Well, the good news is that its fuel economy ranges from 10.41 km/l to 16.1 km/l depending on the conditions and variants. 


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The Interior of the Oshan X7 Plus seems sporty yet premium. A multi-functional steering wheel, 12.3 inches touch screen and a 10 inches screen in the dashboard give a pretty unique feel. This vehicle gives a strong sense of technology in every manner. A strong plastic interior along with perforated leather seats are more than enough for many people. This SUV also comes with noise and vibration reduction features that enhance comfort levels. The position of the gear knob along with buttons around it gives it a modern look.


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The X7 Plus is large enough to be compared with the Fortuner and other SUVs available in the local market. There is a notable difference between its height and length as compared to Fortuner, but the width is almost the same. It has a corrugated grille that gives a unique overall look to the front side. Sleek headlamps have DRL on the upper side. Its roofline is almost straight. Its sharp tail lights on the backside are connected, unlike the Oshan X7 that have separated ones. 

Features and specifications

Oshan X7 Plus is packed with modern features. Specifications of this SUV are quite impressive as well. Let us see some of its highlighting features and specs to have a better idea of what can be expected from it.  


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Here is a table of its important specifications that everyone wants to know. 

  • Length: 4730mm
  • Height: 1720mm
  • Width: 1870mm
  • Wheelbase: 2786mm
  • R19 Alloy Wheels

Features of this Crossover SUV are many more than people think. Here is a list of some significant ones that the company might introduce in the local variant.

12.3 inches display screenVibration and noise reduction
Multi-function steering wheelBluetooth connectivity
Voice recognition control systemClimate Control
Electronic handbrakeAdaptive cruise system
Panoramic sunroof

Intelligent Features

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As discussed earlier, this automobile is fully packed with modern and intelligent features. Some of the most prominent ones are as follows. 

  • Intelligent vehicle control system

With its OnStyle 3.0+ system, you can control many functions of the vehicle through your voice. You can check the weather, control the air conditioning, listen to music, and much more. It recognizes the voice in 0.5 seconds. It can also recognize about 350 voice intentions as well as 39 high-frequency functions. 

  • Intelligent facial recognition system

It is an excellent feature that lets you unlock the car and start it by using facial recognition. It can also adjust the seat by recognizing your face.

  • Intelligent security system

This vehicle is equipped with a security system that can automatically record the video if it is attacked or violated. This video is sent to the owner’s mobile phone. 

Some other intelligent features:

  • Smartwatch control
  • Gesture control
  • Child mode

Expected launch

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Though not confirmed by the company but the expected digital launch of the Oshan X7 Plus is on February 11, 2022. As specs, features and most importantly it’s price is revealed, we’ll update this space, so stay tuned.

Expected Changan Oshan X7 Plus price in Pakistan

The company hasn’t revealed the Oshan X7 Plus price in Pakistan yet. In China, it costs around 79,900 to 133,900 Yuan (about PKR 2,216,000 to 3,714,000). However, it might be launched for 5M to 7M Rupees, given the recent imposition of duties and taxes on imported vehicles. Changan has a history of surprising us with its low prices. Let us see if the company continues its tradition.

Main competitors

Major competitors of the X7 Plus will be Toyota Fortuner and Rush, and Haval H6 and Jolion.  

Success chances in the local market

Well, the success chances of this SUV are high when we see the popularity of Changan in Pakistan. With modern features and good specifications, this vehicle has all the essential elements to become successful. However, price is going to play a crucial role here. If it is launched with a higher price tag than expected, its success chances will not be very high. 

Which features of X7 Plus impressed you the most? Tell us in the comment box. 

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