Nur-E 75: Pakistan Unveils Its First Ever Electric Car

Nur-E 75: Pakistan Unveils Its First Ever Electric Car

We are proud to announce that Pakistan has launched a prototype of its first ever electric car, Nur-E 75 on its 75th Independence Day. Designed and developed by DICE, this “Made in Pakistan” car has the potential of changing the local auto industry once it goes into production. DICE (Distinguished Innovation, Collaboration & Entrepreneurship) is a non-profit organization based in the US run by Pakistanis. DICE has been working on Nur-E 75 since 2019. 

Dr. Khursheed Qureshi, the chairman of DICE has celebrated this milestone by calling this a present for Pakistan’s Diamond Jubilee. He further mentioned that Nur-E 75 could prove to be advantageous for the environment. It can even lessen the fuel imports and hence, preserve foreign exchange.

You would be happy to know that most of the design and development was done by Pakistani students of local universities. The car components were designed by students of NCA, the battery pack was made by NED University of Engineering and Technology and the chargers were developed by the students of Sir Syed University Karachi of Engineering and Technology. Along with the help of local university students, support from private sectors made the unveiling of Nur-E 75 possible. 

Specs, Battery and Range

The new Nur-E 75 is a 5-seater hatchback. It has a 35kWh battery which produces 80kW or 108 hp, helping it reach the top speed of 120 km/h. In a single charge, the car can cover a distance of 210km if the Ac is switched off. With the Ac on, the outcome will be different. The charger is not very efficient but improvements are being made. The car requires eight hours to be fully charge from zero to hundred if a 220V connection is used.

The hatchback comes fitted with 16 inches tyres.

Nur-E 75 Price in Pakistan 

The prototype of Nur-E 75 is said to go into production in 2024 and therefore its price isn’t known yet. Once it goes into production, Nur-E 75 might be launched under the name JAXERI. To remain updated on its price in Pakistan, stay tuned!

Will it be Successful in Pakistan?

No doubt that creating a first ever electric car is a huge accomplishment for Pakistan. Nur-E 75 would save you from the constant worrying about petrol price hikes but would shift your worries from petrol price towards electricity rates. For a country like Pakistan where electricity is a constant problem, it is a debate whether this car would be a hit. Will it be an efficient car to travel from one city to another? In the coming years, it is important to see whether an electric car will cost you less or a car running on petrol.  

Nur-E 75 v Rinco Aria: A Quick Comparison

In comparison to another EV Rinco Aria, there is not much difference in specs and features of both cars. The price of Rinco Aria is Rs.24 lac. Nur-E 75 can only have a chance of being successful in the market if its price is lesser than that of Rinco Aria’s. Unless Nur-E 75 is cost effective, it would not do very well in terms of sales. 

SpecsNur-E 75Rinco Aria
Body typeHatchbackHatchback
Battery Size35kWH17kWH
Distance210 Km200Km
Top Speed120 Km/h100Km/h
Battery Charge Time8 hours 6 hours
Ground Clearance190 mm133 mm


The debate about whether Nur-E 75 will be successful or not will only be settled once the car is launched and its price is released. It would be a big change for Pakistan’s auto industry if the car becomes successful. In order to find that out, we will have to wait until Nur-E 75 is officially launched in the market.

If you are interested in an EV, you can buy Rinco Aria from OLX Pakistan.

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Photo credits: DICE Foundation

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