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BMW X1 2017 Model Review: Specs, features, price, interior and exterior

BMW X1 2017 Model Review: Specs, features, price, interior and exterior

Your search for the luxury 5 seater SUV ends here as this blog contains a quick BMW X1 review. BMW X1 looks like a compact SUV. Except that it is a 5-seater vehicle, so there’s nothing compact about it. 

Ever heard of an SAV? This is what the company insists on calling this vehicle, an SAV (Sports Activity Vehicles) and not an SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle). This is perhaps because BMW X1 has a more sporty and active look than the normal SUVs.

This specific model (2017) is the second-generation BMW X1 that is more luxurious than its predecessor (1st generation). 

OLX Motors | BMW X1 2017 Model Car Specs, Features, Interior, Exterior, and Price

Let’s dive in and know more about this luxurious vehicle.


The exterior of the BMW X1 2017 model is quite elegant yet everyone can guess the make of this vehicle due to various signature design elements. Headlights have halogen bulbs, fog lights are also installed, the lower lip has a diffuser style, and the signature kidney grills give its front side a pretty special look. Body lines are smooth and plain that don’t give an aggressive look. Side skirts and inner fenders have plastic material for its BMW SAV title. Side mirrors have lights but they are not retractable, though you can control them from inside.

The backside of this vehicle has a shark fin antenna along with a spoiler and high mounted brake lamp (halogen). Wiper and plastic bumper are also the highlights of its rear side. The boot can be opened with a button inside or with the key. 17” Alloy 225/55 R17 are the perfect match as per the dimensions of this vehicle.

BMW X1 interior

The interior of BMW X1 gives a spacious and premium feel. Its rear side has a good leg and headspace. However, net holders on the front seat look cheap. Back doors have plastic but the leather-like material on the seats give a premium feel. Although it is not real leather, it is hard to tell the difference. The back row has a foldable armrest between 2 seats. Passengers get cup holders in the armrest. Cupholders are available on all the doors as well. Rear seats are foldable. 

Coming to the front side, the silver design on the door and dashboard enhance the overall aesthetics. Leather (artificial) is used on the doors and centre armrest as well. Seats are comfortable due to impressive cushioning and their height is also manually adjustable. The driver side door has controls for power windows, side mirrors, door lock and unlock. This SAV has 6 speakers for surrounding audio.

It has an airlock instrument cluster consisting of a speedometer, rpm meter, and a small screen below for information. Light adjustment controls are available on the right side of the steering wheel. 

Performance and engine of BMW X1 2017 

This BMW SUV has a powerful twin power turbo engine (1499cc) that produces about 136 PS horsepower and 220 N.m torque. Engine placement under the bonnet is done cleanly and labelled properly. 

This model has three drive modes: 

  • Traction
  • Sports
  • Eco Pro 

This vehicle is quite comfortable when we talk about the driving experience. Tiptronic transmission is useful as it allows the driver to control the gears manually in different conditions. 

BMW X1 fuel economy 

The most awaited question is the fuel economy of BMW X1 2017. This BMW SUV 2017 gives a fuel economy of around 9-9.5 Km/L according to the owner of this vehicle. It is on the lower side. However, with the Eco Pro mode on, it could do better. The official claims are higher than what the owner of this SUV is getting in terms of fuel average. 

BMW X1 price in Pakistan

The price of a used BMW X1 2017 model is around Rs.6M to Rs.7.5M depending upon the condition. You can search BMW X1 for sale on OLX to get a fair idea of its current price in the market. In 2017, its price was around Rs.4.7M. Its 2022 model has a price of around Rs.124 M. It shows how much inflation and currency devaluation has affected the Pakistani auto industry.

The 2017 model at the price of 6M, can compete with KIA Sportage, Hyundai Tuscan, Hyundai Sonata, MG HS and others in this price range regardless of their differences.  

Features of BMW X1

The features of this vehicle are quite impressive and can satisfy the needs of many motorists in many ways. Here is a list of important features of this vehicle. 

Safety features

Traction control8 Airbags (4 front, 4 back)
E brakeAnti-lock Braking System (ABS)
Active High Beam ControlCentral Locking Remote Control

Comfort Features

Small screen (no navigation)Climate control (analogue)
Premium storage box Multi-functional steering wheel
AUX and USB (under the armrest)Parking sensor
Adjustable Front Seats (Manual)Front and rear armrests

BMW X1 2017 specifications

List of important specifications of BMW X1 2017 

Ground clearance183mm 
Kerb weight1449kg 

Final verdict

BMW X1 2017 can be a good option for many brand conscious people looking for a stylish yet small compact SUV. This German automobile promises durability, luxury, and comfort with a sporty look. The only drawback of this small BMW SUV is less features as many new vehicles at this price range come with better safety and comfort features. Moreover, people can buy this 2017 model BMW in used condition as compared to the new ones offered by other automobile brands in the local market.

Want a comparison of BMW X1 vs X3 or with any other vehicle? Ask for it in the comment section below.

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